Our Ethos

The Co-founders of Veteran Skillbridge Advantage (VSA) are both retired from the Army and Air Force, and each proudly served in the United States Military. Having experienced the challenges faced by service members when transitioning back to civilian life. VSA is proud to be recognized as a nationally approved industry partner with the US Department of Defense. Our mission is to aid all service members in their transition from the military back to civilian life. At VSA we believe it’s time to reevaluate the value of the service performed by less than 1% of the nation which safeguarded the freedoms we all enjoy to pursue happiness and prosperity. Our vision is to welcome hundreds of thousands of transitioning service members every year by understanding where they want to go home and where they want to gain experience in an industry of their choice. Our goal is to offer choices by establishing and maintaining a robust pool of national industry partner members to help us welcome home the hundreds of thousands of transitioning service members every year.